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Dental Crowns

In some cases there may not be sufficient tooth substance to allow fillings or veneers to disguise cracked and discoloured teeth. Crowning of teeth allow function and maintain premier aesthetics.

Crowns can hold together portions of a fractured tooth, support dental bridges to fill gaps created by missing teeth and provide longevity to heavily restored teeth. Some people refer to dental crowns as caps. Dental crowns are similar in shape to dental veneers except that crowns cover all the surfaces of a tooth whereas veneers only cover the visible outside surface of the tooth.

What is it?

A crown is custom made precision item that is cemented over your tooth or implant to completely cover it. The materials are very strong and durable thus eliminating the requirement for a metal substructure for your crown. Ceramic crowns now are now the norm providing the ultimate result.

Why are they used?

Crowns are prescribed as a part of a treatment to restore teeth that have:

  • Undergone root canal treatment
  • Severe tooth surface loss
  • Been heavily restored
  • Poor aesthetic appearance
  • Replace existing crowns with poor appearance
  • To protect heavily restored teeth from breaking
  • To restore broken down teeth and prevent further breakage
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