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Dental Hygiene

In order to maintain a healthy mouth it is important to achieve good oral dental hygiene, thus keeping the teeth and gums as clean as possible.

A combination of plaque bacteria build up and a sugary diet will cause the teeth to decay, whereas an accumulation of plaque bacteria around the gums will result in inflammation and gum disease.

At Pearse Road Dental Practice we feel that prevention is better than cure. Therefore we believe all of our patients should see our Dental Hygienists Susan, Zara or Diane every three to six months depending on your needs.

Susan Zara and Diane are here to help you achieve and maintain good oral hygiene, and a diet with minimal tooth decaying contents. They will clean around your mouth and ensure that you are brushing effectively, thus treating any existing gum conditions and helping to prevent further problems. They will also carry out fissure sealing of teeth (a protective coating on eating surface of teeth) when necessary.

By seeing our Dental Hygienists regularly and achieving a healthy mouth your chances of developing gum problems will be significantly reduced. We encourage these regular hygiene visits and oral cancer checks

To arrange an appointment with either Susan, Zara or Diane please contact reception

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dental hygiene

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